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Chinese New Year

Sep 27,2022 | GoodChen

During Chinese New Year, Chinese in Malaysia welcome the Lunar New Year with red and fireworks.

The festival starts on New Year's Eve, all the family members get together for a reunion dinner. Traditionally, the Lunar New Year lasts for 15 days. From the first day to the fifteenth Lantern Festival, you can visit relatives and friends or go to temples to pray for a safe and auspicious year.

During the New Year, Chinese in Malaysia will eat and drink. of course, the must-have New Year's Biscuit! Generally, everyone has to eat New Year's Biscuit to enjoy New Year's Day~ Every household will have a variety of New Year's Biscuit with different flavors.

农历新年 马来西亚的华人用红色和烟花迎接农历新年。

节日从除夕开始,所有的家人都会聚在一起吃团年饭。 传统上,农历新年为期15天,从初一至十五元宵节,都可以拜访亲戚朋友或到寺庙拜拜,祈求一年平安吉祥。