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Mid Autumn Festival

Sep 26,2022 | GoodChen

The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month every year. Although it is not a public holiday in Malaysia, it is still a big festival.

Most of the Chinese still keep the custom of Mid-Autumn Festival, giving moon cakes to each other when the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. On the day of Mid-Autumn Festival, the whole family will get together as much as possible, children will carry lanterns, and adults will gather to eat moon cakes.

Moon cakes were originally shaped like a full moon, with square or other shapes on the outside. The outer layer of moon cakes is usually made of wheat flour, and there are fillings inside, such as lotus paste egg yolk, vegetarian assorter nuts filling, etc. Different patterns, words or blessings will be printed on the skin of the moon cake.




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